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Impossible Squid Shirt

Our impossible squid design was the result of artist Michael Phipps wanting to take a risk and create something strange and exciting and without regards to whether it would be commercially viable. The main aim he had was "what would I want on a shirt"? The result was an angry squid entangled in an impossible 3-D structure, accented with surreal, strange sea-life and objects. The first audience of the shirt was tens of thousands of people at Salt Lake Comic Con at the beginning of 2015 and it was a hit! Available here in men's and women's sizes, printed expertly with three ink colors.

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We've moved

We're not new. You've probably seen our Dapper Fox shirt or Circuit Board ties or other designs around the net, or you've got one of our T-shirts that you've worn so much it's time to turn it into a pillow. But this site IS new, or revamped anyway. We've got several new designs and our old shop just seemed a bit too musty and dank for them. So here they are in a shiny new online store. Enjoy!

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